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Paul’s Tree Services & Stump Removal is an experienced tree service in Dublin, CA, providing superior customer service and an eye for detail when it comes to enhancing residential and commercial properties. Our capabilities include tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, brush chipping, general cleanup, and shrub removal. We work efficiently and affordably no matter the job, so you can get back to enjoying your landscape.
We work with top brands including Stihl and Vermeer, for safety and efficiency at work.

Beautifying Residential and Commercial Properties

Trees dot the landscape of almost every property in Dublin, CA and for decades, Paul’s Tree Services & Stump Removal has had the pleasure of tending to them. As the area’s leading tree cutting service, we take care of the toughest of landscaping tasks so you don’t have to.

Trees are beautiful features for any residential or commercial property, and they also protect your buildings from the elements, including wind, rain and the harsh rays of the sun. To continue to stand tall and healthy, they need proper care and maintenance. And, if they’ve become a nuisance or unsafe, they need prompt and efficient removal before they do any damage.

We’re your all-in-one tree care experts, providing expert tree trimming services to shape-up your trees and increase their visual appeal and stability. Our trimming services restore trees to their full glory, transforming them from a potential hazard to a stunning focal point. We work with all species of tree, from palms to evergreens and everything in between. In cases where trees need to be removed, we do it quickly and efficiently. We also handle the tough job of stump grinding, leaving you with a better-looking, safer landscape.

Our services aren’t only limited to trees—we clean up brush and shrubs on your property, too. We have a meticulous eye for detail and a love of landscaping and use our passion to provide excellent customer service and advice for our clients. If you want to beautify your property in a hurry, we’re the team to call for advice, service and care for trees.

  • We leave properties looking better than when we found them with full cleanup services.

  • We work to minimize disruption to your landscape by tending to trees with precision.

  • We provide brush chipping services and can also handle ground-level shrubs.

  • Located in Dublin, CA, our service area includes Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Tree Trimming, Removal and Cleanup

Paul’s Tree Service & Stump Removal is dedicated to helping residential and commercial clients make the most of their foliage with quality tree and shrub trimming and removal. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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