Tree Trimming in Dublin, CA

Whether your trees need a trim or it’s time to take down a problematic tree before it becomes a hazard, the team at Paul’s Tree Services & Stump Removal are ready to assist. We have a deep familiarity with the different trees throughout Dublin, CA and our team of tree care experts knows how to work quickly and safely to deliver complete services. Trust us to leave your foliage healthy and beautiful.

Tree Trimming

We’re the experts when it comes to tree trimming, and can shape up trees of all species and sizes to extend their lifespan and maximize their beauty. From crown shaping to precision trimming around fixtures, we help your trees thrive.

Tree Removal

When you need tree removal in Dublin, CA, or in Alameda and Contra Costa counties we’re the ones to call. We handle this dangerous and difficult job with skill and ease! No tree is too big or too small and there’s no terrain too challenging for us to handle. Our tree removal specialists work with great care to take out your trees without disturbing the surrounding landscape.

Stump Grinding

With tree stumps, what you see is not what you get—there’s an entire root structure below the surface. It takes a skilled stump grinding technician to properly remove a tree stump and restore beauty and safety to your property. We work with incredible efficiency to remove stumps and associated root structures. In most cases, we get it done in an afternoon.

Shrub Removal

While removing shrubs isn’t as complicated as trees, it’s still a huge hassle for home and business owners. We take them out quickly to instantly improve the look of your landscaping.

Brush Chipping

We prioritize sustainability with our landscaping services, turning debris from tree and shrub removal into wood chips that can be used to beautify your landscape and even prevent erosion.

General Cleanup

Need some landscaping cleanup at your home or business? We remove brush and landscaping debris quickly to restore beauty to your property. We’ll leave it looking better than when we found it.

Paul’s Tree Services & Stump Removal has the equipment and knowledge to handle even the most difficult tree trimming and removal or stump grinding jobs. Call us today at (925) 829-2914 or (925) 336-1963 to learn about what we can do for your property.